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Highways, Roads, Paths ... Oh My

“Minnesota has two seasons, winter and road construction.” I’m sure everyone has heard this joke and there is some real truth to it which is why we laugh and shake our head. We at Big Brothers Big Sisters are in year-round road-building. Think of it in this analogy that recently came across my desk from Seth Godin’s blog:

“If you want to make a long-term impact, build the roads. Stewart Brand points out that if you compare two maps of downtown Boston–from 1860 and 1960, for example–virtually every single building has been replaced. Gone. But the roads? They haven’t changed a bit. The curbs and boundaries and connections are largely as they were. When creating an organization, a technology or any kind of culture, the roads are worth far more than the buildings.”

That same analogy makes sense as we stand with kids and help them figure out their challenges and opportunities. Our Bigs help them explore different avenues towards their goals and adulthood. We provide excellent workshops and training on careers and education. We’re in the business of road-building if you will, as they navigate through their highly-impressionable years. Thank you for grabbing a shovel and donning the hard hat as we help ignite a child’s potential that lives on beyond us.

I would like to tip my hard-hat to a few special people who helped us bring home the second-place win for kids at the Women’s Fund of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation's Dancing With Our Stars event. Thank you to the committee who put this event on and raised an amazing $340,000 to help women and girls in our community. Thank you to our amazing dancers, Chris Owen and Rachel Trout, whose dance score pushed us up to second place - literally a $5,000 dance! Thank you to board member, Kevin Fitzpatrick, who shared his passion for BBBS with Chris when Chris was considering charities to dance for. Thank you to all of the donors who came through for us, raising $43,302.33 for our kids! And a very special and heart-felt thank you to Barb Anderson and Dave Chandler whose generosity and leadership in providing a $15,000 challenge match gift inspired amazing generosity in others. You are all road-builders- thank you for standing with kids.

Jackie Johnson
Executive Director


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