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A Message from our Director


Hello Friends!

Our kids need you more than ever. Along with the challenges they were facing this year, they also have been dealing with the one-two punch of COVID-19 and our country's racial tension. With a team that includes their parent(s), our professional staff and the Little, goals for their lives are clearly identified. Those goals can be achieved when kids get the opportunity to work with a Big.

Every child in our program is different, unique and full of promise. By becoming a Big, you get the be "that person" to help, inspire, and guide them. The rewards are just as meaningful for the mentor as it is for the child. There are several options for defending the potential of our youth - to become a Big, a Big Couple, a Big Family or a High School Big.

Seriously, if you have ever considered finding out more about being a Big, now is the time. If you have a passion for kids, now is the time. If you want your legacy to be making a difference for kids today and tomorrow, now is the time.

I asked our Program Coordinators to talk about why Big Brothers Big Sisters is so relevant and necessary in today's world. Here are there answers:

Tasha: In a time when there is so much change going on in the world, our kids need a constant. They might not have this at home and they get that from our Bigs. With COVID-19, kids may not understand, for parents, it's a very demanding and stressful time. In addition to their parents, kids need someone in their corner who can just be there for them. There are so many kids who just need that someone and that's what we do. We give them that someone. Bigs also need a distraction from the world today so this is a great way for them to make a connection with someone and make a difference.

Robyn: Something that I learned and I think is so important for people to understand is that everyone, no matter how great or how difficult their home life may be, all need that extra person in their corner. I have found that the Bigs grow just as much as the Littles do during their match. I have seen many adults get matched and each month I can hear their confidence begin to soar. 

Rebecca: Our work matters because kids learn to develop friendships with positive influences and are given the opportunity to broaden their world view scope through those relationships. They get to engage in activities that they would not usually be able to do or go places the wouldn't normally have access to.

Mary: Our work at Big Brothers Big Sisters is important because we provide youth facing adversity with a caring mentor to meet with them 1:1 on a consistent basis. This gives youth an adult who is invested in getting to know them and support them. An adult who can check in on them and encourage them. We see our youth grow in confidence, avoid risky behaviors and excel academically. Being able to provide our services is absolutely essential to our community and today's youth. 

Jamie: I believe the work we are doing is important because youth have a mentor that they are able to look up to and can teach them many valuable skills. Our Littles have something to look forward to each time they meet the their Bigs, and they have an experience that is unique to each of them. Our job is about creating relationships and building bonds, and it's awesome when you start to see the matches just starting to connect with one another. 

Thank you again and again for helping Big Brothers Big Sisters continue to be responsive, relevant and successful. We can't do it without you.

Jackie Johnson
Executive Director



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