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A Message from our executive director

November 2021

Hello Friends!

When you were growing up, did you identify anyone as your hero? Or looking back, can you see where a hero stepped in for you, although you may not have recognized it at the time?

While the title of a “hero” might be intimidating, we know that our Littles look to their Bigs as heroes. Our Littles value that their Bigs follow through with plans, are good listeners, and are someone they can talk to. Our Bigs introduce them to opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have. Our kids aren’t looking for a Disney World experience, they are looking for someone who takes the time to make them a priority.

We all know that kids are facing obstacles and stress, with added layers from social media and the pandemic. We also know that having a reliable and caring Big in their lives makes all of those stresses more manageable. Even though our program’s mission is to benefit kids, Bigs have told us on a consistent basis that they get more out of it than they give. They share that their Little has expanded their world and that they’ve learned so much from their Little. That they are cool again.

Maybe it is time to think about how you can deepen your relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Would you consider becoming a Big? Would you consider joining a committee? Would you consider becoming a monthly donor? We have heroes in all aspects of our program, and we have room for you too. Together, we can make a better community, a better Minnesota, and a better world for all our children. 

Jackie Johnson
Executive Director

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