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A Message from our Executive Director

August 2021

Hello Friends

On July 1st, I became the president for the Rotary Club of St Cloud. This might seem counterintuitive. Why would someone leading a human service agency join a service club? Easy answer, Rotary is about making the local community and world a better place through service. Service above self. 

We at Big Brothers Big Sisters share this same premise of the mission.  We know that what helps our Littles, helps our community and what helps our community, helps our Littles. We know that being of service changes lives. Both those who volunteer and those who need someone to stand with them are better off because of the relationship. 

We often hear from Bigs that they believe that they get more out of their match than their Little. I recall the dad in a Big Family told me that sometimes he feels almost guilty because of the joy their Little brings their entire family.  But through this service, lives are changed. I guess you can say I’m a bit of a Pollyanna, one who believes that life’s most difficult problems can always be surmounted by showing up, a positive attitude and pragmatism. Come join me, the life that you change the most, may be your own. 

Jackie Johnson
Executive Director