Wish List

Whether it be a company gift tag program or if you're shopping and see a great deal - we would greatly appreciate receiving any of the following supplies to help defend the potential of youth!

Office Supplies

Stamps (Regular and Post Card)

Post-It Notes

Batteries (AA & AAA)


Clorox Wipes

Greeting Cards (Birthday & Sympathy)

File Folder Tabs

Copy Paper (white/colored/card stock)

Kitchen/Conference Room

Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags

Paper Towels

Coffee (Regular & Decaf)

Powdered Creamer


For School/Site Based Activity Bins

Arts & Crafts Supplies - Kits, Googly Eyes, Bigger Buttons

Board Games ( for 2 people to play in less than an hour - ages 8 to 16 - such as Connect 4, Sorry, Battleship, Scrabble - please no Candyland or Chutes and Ladders)



Colored Pencils

Embroidery Floss (to make friendship bracelets)

Loom Bands and 2-3 Looms

Craft Project Kits

Lego's for Older Kids

For Activities

Powdered Lemonade

Paper Plates


Plastic Utensils (mainly forks)

Band Aids

Coborn's, Walmart, Target and Crafts Direct Gift Cards

Children's Play Area

Children's Play Area Rug/Play Mat - 5 ft by 7 ft (or 8 ft)

Lego's for Older Kids

Older Kid or Adult Coloring Books

Colored Pencils

Kid's Movies

Word Search or Sudoku Books